WF-Mag Sales and magazine 7.80.4 for Windows 10


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The WF-Mag for Windows (SQL) is used to keep records of value in commodity trading companies, service and production, with various profiles. It allows you to support sales through an extensive system of selling options, pricing, discounts, credit control and debt. In addition, facilitates the analysis of the flow of freight through the ability to create various combinations of income and expenditures of the goods at any time. The built-in orders (BUSINESS variant and Prestige) enables efficient inventory management and reconciliation module and financial documents, and accounting and control of payments based on the cash and bank reports. The program is designed to support intra-Community transactions and foreign currency transactions (sale / purchase, exchange price lists). In addition, the Prestige line production system includes a module for efficient assembly of products using aliases and CRM module - easy to use mechanism for the registration of tasks and customer relationship management. WF-Mag for Windows (SQL) is a continuation of a functional, well-known on the Polish market, the DOS version of the program. It is the result of merging the existing, rich experience company, as a manufacturer of business applications, with the possibilities offered by the use of the latest technologies. The new version is fully integrated and compatible with the environment and the Microsoft Windows interface. It can run under Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, making maximum use of the advantages of these operating systems. Modern technology has been used in the program client-server technology is based on a database server MS SQL Server from Microsoft. This solution guarantees the stability, performance, scalability, and security. Overview of the basic features of filing Contractors * counterparty contact details (web page with the ability to launch the browser) * create an unlimited number of types (such as suppliers, customers, etc.) and groups of contractors (eg breakdown by states, provinces) * commercial data (default price markup / discount, method of payment, credit terms) * Barcode (electronic identification) * the ability to assign multiple numbers of bank accounts to a single counterparty * list of affiliated companies (payers, buyers) * Text messaging (appearing in the selection of the contractor) Articles and * Four types of services ranges: goods, products, packaging and services * division at freely definable categories Assortment * two indexes, and barcodes for each item * separate VAT rate for purchases and sales * Various units of measurement for the purchase, storage and sales * unlimited number of selling price * Individual pricing for contractors Other files * Categories Assortment - can define an unlimited number of items category assortment and allocation of category assortment for any defined group * file exchange rate with the ability to define the current rates of exchange and storage of archival * file units of measurement makes it possible to receive and issue goods in different units of measure with automatic conversion are the number and value of the storage unit * other auxiliary files (Documents Storage, Commercial documents, documents of payments, VAT rates, prices, classification of contractors, the Group's counterparties) Documents found in systemieMagazynowe: opening balance sheet, inventory, PZ, GM, MM, DU, SU, contract customers and its own shopping: invoice, bill plain, receipt, credit memo VAT, pro forma invoice settlements: KP, KW, transfer, registration of external transfer, cash payment on account, compensation, request for payment, interest note The functional scope of the system: Storage * Support any number of storage * Expendable goods FIFO or LIFO method, the choice of a particular warehouse delivery * Registry conducted in prices of real gross and net inventory * the possibility of introducing a single Opening Balance (balance can be done in any time), and many more remanentów that correct stock levels * prints remanentowe at any time based on the archival record all remanentów Stock Trading, buying and selling * easy and quick entry and free to modify or delete documents, warehousing and retail * Ability to issue multiple adjustments to inventory documents and trade based on the original sales document * automatic document creation PZ and GM on the basis of one or more contracts or customers own * full automation and control of the correctness of the whole process of buying and selling using the information contained in the records system (price lists, the methods and terms of payment, Wholesaler limits, the system alerts) * Ability to add a new partner, the payer, article or service during the issue of the document * Ability to invoice based on several documents WZ * sale range from multiple stores on a single commercial document, the choice of material from any delivery * Ability to issue invoices FX * automatic document creation PZ and purchase invoices by entering the SAD * Easy to search, sort and filter documents according to various criteria * Many various variant copies of documents Production * Define products consisting of any number of components and the service so. Orders assembly / disassembly, determining what products we assemble / disassemble. Installation of the product means that on stock the product arrives and is lost parts, the program creates the relevant documents at the same time * Storage Accounts receivables and payables generated automatically by the program on the basis of commercial documents * Ability to manually add all assets and liabilities * fully automatic settlement of balances by cash (print KP, KW), a bank (transfer printing - even on the original blanks in the new format) * settlement documents by associating with other (compensation) * freedom of association and check balances * partial settlement and group multiple documents * Print reminders * Support multi-currency settlement * register interest note with the ability to adjust the size of penalty interest * the possibility of any analysis of assets and liabilities according to selected criteria such as the date of payment, contractor payment Finance * Manual or automatic issuance of receipts KP and KW and Command Transfer * Registration payments banking and payments based on bank statements, cash reports * print * the ability to settle debts or liabilities at the time of writing a document, cash or bank orders * Automatic booking of goods by the priorities of orders from customers CRM module * Simplified task management module and customer relationship Listings * as magazine , offers, price lists * diverse compilation of documents warehousing and retail, VAT registers * storage * operating accounts combined orders and booking conditions * analysis of purchases, sales and profits by different criteria * analysis of settlements * records of documents and a list of top recipients Note! 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